Saturday, August 1, 2009

Untitled 8

I really appreciate all your support, insightful comments, and awesomely relevant quotes from famous artists (some of which I'm going to have to pin up on the walls of my studio).

I finally created something I liked last night. Also my biggest piece yet. My opinion may change again tomorrow, but today I like it. And that's something...yes?


Lynx's favorite toy...
More art on my website:


Samartdog said...

At first, I thought the painting was spectacular. It's getting better every time I look at it. My oh my.

Gwen Bell said...

Love it...complex and colorful. I could look at this for hours and always see something new.

Sandra Galda said...

Excellent! The cat vid is super too!

Jala Pfaff said...

Sam - Thank you!! I'm loving it too.

Gwen - Thank you. That's how I'm feeling about it. Very very pleased with it. (At least for today. ;D)

Sandra - Thanks. Glad you're enjoying following the Lynxmuffin.