Monday, August 24, 2009

Chondrorhyncha amazonica

I've raised orchids for ten years or so, and when we remodeled our house three years ago, we added my dream: a little greenhouse as part of our upstairs. We've had nothing but (expensive) problems with it, though, in terms of water damage and such, so finally made the sad decision to part with (almost) all the orchids. I figure at least it will free up some more time for me.

This is one of the last ones that hasn't yet been sold or given away. This is a species from Brazil called Chondrorhyncha amazonica, painted last night from life. The flower is about 3 or 4 inches across. I love how it looks like it has wings. It will soon use those wings to take off to a new household. It's okay. I will always be an "orchid person" whether I have two plants or a hundred.

Trying out a few new linen surfaces. I ordered one yard of each of three different kinds of pre-primed linen from the Fine Arts Store in Rochester, NY. This one was great, allowed for very juicy paint. I'm not exactly sure which is which, though, of the three samples! :O

I really don't know why this video of Lynx loaded sideways. Oh well.

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bonnieluria said...

Your smoky colors capture the mystery of the orchid so perfectly.
It's hard to give them up- they have a flora intellect about them that most other plants don't.
Which seems to give them a spirit all their own.

I still have some that were left in my care by a friend who moved 5 years ago. When it blooms, I think of it as a visit from my friend.
And that he'd be happy knowing about it.

Now that Lynxster- does he have an agent yet? Because sideways or upside down, he is one captivating kitty.
Love how expressive the use of his paws are.

Samartdog said...

the best lynxvid yet

Megha Chhatbar said...

Great one! The shades are just beautiful!:)

Color Pencil Drawing: Warkaris/Varkaris of Pune

Sandra Galda said...

Love the orchid- you painted it very sensitively. I really enjoy the addition of the cute kitty. Ours is on her last furry paw, an old tortie point Himalayan...but one can a while she exhibits the kitten action your baby does.

diddamsdigitalart said...

Yes, the mystery and endless possibilities of orchids. I love the darkness, yet illuminated glow of the flower.
But about the canvas... since you forgot which sample is which, you'll just have to try the experiment all over. Such a shame, huh?!

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Bonnie - I love your description here, so apt: a "flora intellect." Absolutely.
Would you like to be Lynx's agent?

Hi Sam - "Lynxvid"--love the word!!

Megha - Thank you.

Sandra - Thank you. How old is your old girl?

Hi Donald - No, the problem is, they had sent me little squares of samples, and then they sent me the three yards (one yard of each) that I ordered, but didn't label them. One of them is obvious because the back of it looks different, but there are two that I really can't tell which is which. :O