Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I promise

...that regularly scheduled blogging will resume shortly. Sorry. You know what it's like when you first fall in love.

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LSaeta said...

You just need to start painting your new friend! Then you can still spend time together and also keep entertaining the rest of us with your art!

Anonymous said...

beautiful photograph Jala, you both look ready for anything!

Carrie Jacobson said...

What a FACE! How can you not be in love? I'd be a little puddle of adoration, if those eyes were staring into mine. Play? Sure! Sleep? Sure! What else can I do for you??? Want to climb up my leg? Sure!


Gregory Becker said...

Oh No! You adopted a kitten. I know I couldn't resist.
I adopted a puppy last September.
He weighs 70 lbs now. He eats everything in sight. I love that dog.

Sandra Galda said...

TOTALLY acceptable excuse. We love animals in our home...we have two rabbits, two dogs, one old persian cat, one cockatiel bird, three parakeets, and an outdoor stray cat that loves to live and eat on our porch.... I do miss your art, though:)

Gwen Bell said...

STOP IT! You're making me want a kitten and I already have 3 cats. What a sweetheart! I can see why you are so in love. He's going to be a gorgeous Cat, and I'd say big from the size of those paws.

Just an have a distinct feline quality in your eyes. Both of you have the same expression!
Great photo!

Edward Burton said...

What a CUTE little kitten - very beautiful too.

Kim Denise said...

Such a pretty kitten! All kittens are cute (even the homely ones!), but this one is particularly fetching. Enjoy the new baby!

Joanne said...

Look at those eyes and markings!!! Just gorgeous! (of course I'm talking about the kitten!) Looking forward to when the interference is a little less audible, and the blogging can resume. :-)

Anonymous said...

You are exonerated until the cuteness wears off.
How will you ever leave him to come to St. Croix?

Gaaaaaads he's precious- is that a husband taken double portrait?

Karen said...

no excuses needed!

Fábio Cembranelli said...

Hi Jala..what a wonderful picture! I have two cats, (19 and 18 years so "young"). I agree with Sandra, totally acceptable excuse!

Jala Pfaff said...

Leslie, Rahina - Thanks!

Carrie - What a great description. That's exactly what we are around him, puddles of adoration!! You made me laugh.

Gregory - "Oh no" is right! We're in love. This is animal #7 in our household. Glad you adopted a buddy.

Gwen - Tell me about it. :D This is cat #5 here in our house. And we also have two rescued Golden Retrievers. I totally agree that I think he's going to end up a really big cat. As soon as I saw him, I thought, those are some BIG paws for a little kitten! Also he LOVES food. He eats almost anything, too. Pasta. Potatoes... He wants to try all our food. Weird. I've never had a cat like that.
I don't know about my eyes, but it's cool to hear it.

Edward - We sure think so.

Kim - I agree!

Joanne - Is he not UTTERLY gorgeous?!

Bonnie - The cuteness shall never wear off! But I'm painting again anyway... He's the kind of cute that makes you ooze baby-talk, even in front of other people. I think we've used the words "soooooo cute" at least fifty thousand times in 3 days. It will be hard to leave him, but we shall manage, if it means coming to visit you there! Yes, The Husband took this shot....and a million other pics of The New Baby.

Karen - At least not when it involves this munchkin, hm?

Fabio - Obrigada. Wow, your cats are very old, er, I mean, so young! :)

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

In time, this baby (name?) will be curled up under a vase of flowers just begging to be painted. Take your time. Love is grand...