Monday, October 14, 2013

Untitled 254

Untitled 254.  Pastel.  Approximately 5" x 7."  Purchase information: jala[at]

Sound asleep, nose-to-forehead.

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Shelley Smart said...

Now I'm really cold! Not just snowy, but big blocks of ice! You're right. The colors were messed up a bit on FB. But I like both versions!

I really liked the painting you sold that had lots of blue in it! Did you sell a few paintings at the Open Studios? I am sure the flood had an adverse effect on sales.

Shelley Smart said...

PS, Adorable photos of the guys! I always enjoy seeing them together!

Viviane said...

Awww - They just look like the best pals those two. I guess Rumi needed a break from Gadjo for a day? LOL

Beautiful painting too. It reminds me of snow and ice. Also, it makes me want to take an art appreciation class, so that I can say more than just: "beautiful painting you got yourself there, Jala!!" - UGH!

I hope the second weekend of Open Studio went better than the first one, and that Mojito continued to make sure that people weren't leaving your studio too soon. :-)

Jala Pfaff said...

Shelley - Thank you. The flood, or some other mysterious reason, did have an adverse effect on sales. I didn't even break even this year, for the first time, which is a real bummer considering my finances! I sold a few unframed pastels, and two small paintings.

Viviane - Rumi and Gadjo are snuggling together 90% of the time, and lately Gadjo has been spending 10% snuggling up to Fennec! It's interesting and kind of unexpected.
I don't mind hearing "beautiful painting" over and over! ;)
See my answer to Shelley, above, re Open Studios being very disappointing.