Thursday, October 3, 2013

Untitled 249 --and-- Open Studios announcement

Untitled 249.  Pastel.  9" x 12."  Purchase information: jala[at]

Oh, what a crowded couch...

And a quick video of Rumi getting moral support from his big brother, Mojito.   Mojito--the dog!--is providing moral support by way of being super tolerant while Rumi rubs against his head over and over. 

Rumi needed moral support because he had to go to the emergency vet this week. (Terribly expensive, ugh.) But he is doing better so far and seems to be on the mend now. He has developed struvite crystals in his urinary tract and they have been causing him a lot of trouble and pain.

(From what I can tell, the video won't play on iphone. It also appears to be running by itself, in a loop. I didn't tell it to do that!)


OPEN STUDIOS BOULDER 2013: This Saturday and Sunday, and also the following Saturday and Sunday (total four days), from 12-6 pm each day. 

I am studio #15 on the map this year. Please stop by for a visit!

For more information:

The Open Studios art exhibit in the main Boulder Public Library survived the flood (yay!) and there is one piece there from each artist (over a hundred) from now until Open Studios is over.  The library reception is Friday evening, Oct. 4.


More art on my website:

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