Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snowballs and Moji

Woke up a couple of days ago to a lot of snow...
 Mojito's favorite thing in the whole world.

He stays busy for at least an hour after coming back inside, trying to pull off all the little snowballs one by one. Eventually he gets too tired and takes a long nap. By the time he wakes up, they've all melted.

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TSL said...

Jala, did I see this on facebook? My day has been a whirlwind. Anyway I saw this pic somewhere and wondered what he had gotten in. Being from the south I thought cotton. Idiot. Me. Anyway, it all makes sense now.

Shelley Smart said...

I've seen many a dog with snowball legs! How fun for Mojito! well playing in the snow anyway! The view out the window just plain makes me cold!!