Thursday, November 1, 2012

Untitled 51

Untitled 51, Oil on canvas, approx. 12" x 16".  
For purchase information, please email me: jala{at}jalapfaff{.com}.

This is another of my slightly older oil paintings.
Update on motorcycle-accident friend: He's doing well! I think at this point it's a lot of broken bones, but no more internal problems. He's out of the ICU.

A tiny, malevolent slit of blue eye.


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TSL - Living in Art said...

Jala, your images are so pretty, so calming. Have I written that before? I envision you walking around barefoot sippin tea, and in total peace, with your camera, as your four legged friends sleep peacefully. That last image, with the leaf? Zaps me back to my childhhood, looking down at my feet and seeing the wonderment of one simple leaf.