Sunday, November 18, 2012

Here I am, on a virtual street corner holding up my cardboard sign

Gadjo smile. :)
So this is really embarrassing, but a friend suggested I do this... I am putting up a "Chip in" widget here on my blog. If you are able and the spirit moves you, please consider a donation, however small. 

(The Chip In widget is free to use, but PayPal takes about 3%.)

Someone broke their legal, court-ordered agreement with me; they were supposed to pay me the money they owe me on Oct. 31.  They refused.  This means not only can I not make rent for December, I also need immediate attorney's fees (beyond what I already owe my attorney) so that I can pursue Contempt of Court, which is the only chance to get what I am owed. 

I am also offering 50% off all my artwork right now (basically at cost of materials, plus shipping) to try to raise funds quickly.

Thank you.

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helen said...

Cute - I wish I had someone to cuddle with right now!