Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sketches and updates

A couple of regular (not "blind" or contour) sketches from a few years ago. The top one was a guy reading the newspaper in London while perched on one of those things that they put in European streets so that cars can't pass through.

And this sketch is a couple of quick ones of my students taking their final Spanish exams:

I finally got in to see a practitioner for my BPPV (positional vertigo). I felt a little better right afterwards, then a little worse, then by night I felt nearly cured. Same with this morning. I was thrilled to feel such improvement. I am doing the self-treatment exercises (which make me temporarily even more nauseous--it's unavoidable) that she assigned me, too.

But then--oh crap--without thinking, about an hour ago, I leaned forward, head down, and wham!!, suddenly I'm back to square one in terms of vertigo, dizziness, and nausea. I don't understand how things in the inner ear can change that dramatically from one single movement. Probably the first thing I'll ask at my follow-up BPPV appointment tomorrow. I'm worried about what all this portends in terms of doing yoga in the future, too. Having to skip yoga today.

I got one of my migraines a couple of days ago, so combining that with the BPPV was a joy, I must say. On top of all that, I am supposed to sleep propped up at a 45 degree angle because of the BPPV, and I can't sleep like that, so am sleep-deprived.

I knew I shouldn't try to drive yesterday, so had to take a taxi to my BPPV appointment, and the taxi cost a lot more than I expected ($24), but I got a ride home from an acquaintance. Monday I had to cancel my work because I didn't dare drive. The other evening I drove a short distance to get some groceries, but then felt really ill again afterwards (dizzy, nauseous). 

Tomorrow I'm supposed to drive to work, then to my follow-up BPPV appointment, then back home, then to another work appointment. I am praying I will be able to drive tomorrow.

And then Friday I'm supposed to be taking Fennec in for his one-year shots (and probably some kind of lecture about how fat he is). Last night I found a lump on Mojito's chest, so I'll bring him along and ask the vet to feel it. Hopefully it's just one of those common fatty deposits that aging retrievers seem to get. (Strangely, Jazz never ever had one of those, though almost all old retrievers I've seen have several.) Wish him luck for that, please. Mojito also developed bad diarrhea today. Aaarrghhhh. I seriously need a break.

So wish him luck. I'm only going to give him rice for dinner. And wish me luck! so that I can drive tomorrow and get to work, get groceries, and get to my next BPPV treatment--I need it.

As for Rumi, he's showing no changes of any kind yet that I can tell. I'm coating his anti-inflammatory pills with a bit of ghee--makes them go down much easier (and the vet said it was OK to do that). Rumi's thrilled with me, as you can imagine, to be getting large pills shoved down his throat twice a day. He's already getting smart about hiding from me when it's approximately pill time.

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