Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm afraid

It really hit me tonight that it's probable that my sweet, wacky, deaf little white Rumi (with his excellent blanket camouflage; see above) is really going to die of this wasting disease, whatever it may be. And possibly very soon.

He is getting thinner by the day. He seems worse than ever after two weeks on this medication trial (which is supposed to last a month) and I'm afraid he really may not even make it as long as is needed for any other medication experiments. I decided tonight to stop giving him the current medication since he actually seems worse than before.

My heart is breaking. I am just grateful he has a roof over his head, lives with loving creatures and his constant companion, little Gadjo, who is following him around and literally doesn't let a moment go by without curling around Rumi, licking him, and keeping him warm. How either one of us, Gadjo or I, will manage without Rumi, I don't know.

I am sorry to post this, since it's so sad. I know that reading my blog this last year or so is like tuning in periodically on a slow, tragic train wreck. But again, please use this news as a prompt to give your beautiful furry friends an extra hug and kiss today. I know I will.

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Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are for your dear little one, Jala. Also wanted to add, that your blog to me is not like a train wreck.... just the thoughts of an artist who blogs who has been going through vast life changes. Hugs to you and the animals.

Dar Presto said...

I'm thinking of you and your furry family.

Karin Goeppert said...

I am so sorry and I understand totally what you are going through. Mia really loved the extra hugs and kisses - not that she doesn't get any usually.

Viviane said...

Jala - so sorry to read about poor Rumi-Tunes. I hope that quiting the meds will help him a bit, and I am certainly sending my best thoughts your way. Goodness knows you could use a change of fortune just about now!!!
In honor of Rumi and all your Furry animolecules I will give my Furry-Friends an extra hug and lots of kisses tonight.

loriann signori said...

Oh I am so sorry Jala.It is heart-breaking to watch one of our fur family wasting away. I must say I am sure that Rumi knows how fortunate he is. We can all wish to go with love wrapped around us.As I write this I sit with Kinzo in my lap. 10 years ago her brother died in a similar way. She comes to send her love.Lot of love and hugs to you,