Sunday, July 17, 2011

Untitled 141 and a bit of a kvetch

Pastel, approx. 3.5" x 5".


I haven't been posting as often as I used to. You'll have to forgive me; things are pretty nuts:

The Husband and I have long been having problems in our marriage and we are in the midst of trying to decide what to do about it (we can't afford to get another place right now in order to try a separation, for example, and what would we do about all the animals, etc.). This really eats up one's energy and makes it hard to get into a mood for painting. All the pastels I've been posting lately were created several weeks ago. 

I debated about whether to mention my difficult marriage here on my blog, and finally decided that I do want to be more personal on my blog. It's about art, and animolecules, yes, but I also feel that many of you who read here are friends, even if we've never actually met. Being open in the blogosphere for me thus far has been a good experience.

We had a house guest for a week (hi, Bruno!).

Fennec, with his energy, requires a lot of time, though in a good way.

Also a good thing but a time-eater, is that I've been getting more into music lately. I am playing more guitar lately and have been learning cello since April.

The business, SLOWCOLOR, is eating up huge amounts of time and energy.

Finances are rough, what with starting the business, The Husband's MBA student loans being due, him not working a "real job" anymore since before the MBA, my many expensive medications, and I've also had several classes cancelled (that I was going to teach) due to not enough enrollment.

I'm trying to figure out what to do about the fact that I've kind of literally run out of space in the art studio--wall space, surface space, storage space... And I don't want to put any money into it because we may end up having to sell the house. I walk into the studio, feel it's impossible, and walk back out...but hoping that one of these days I'll get a sudden flash of inspiration about it.

And finally, Jazz, our very elderly, beloved Golden Retriever, age 14 years and 5 months, is really declining these days. It's taking tons of time and patience that already feel lacking. 

I just wanted all my readers to know why things have slowed down on my blog. (I still have lots of stuff to post, though, all stuff that I did weeks ago.) I love being part of the blogosphere, love the people I now "know" thanks to blogging, and get a real thrill out of knowing that you're all out there, checking in on my paintings, photos, and animolecules, whether it's every day, or just every now and then.

I had to laugh when I noticed Fennec in here--he was camouflaged--and when I saw where his tail had ended up.


Handlooming in progress, India (though not our product).

More art on my website:


ELFI said...

avec la traduction google , je comprends vaguement tes difficultés de la vie.. j'espère que tout rentre dans le bon chemin et te souhaite un futur ensoleillé.. courage!

Shelley Smart said...

Love, love your blog and your animolecules (?) and art and so sorry to read of your current challenges. I hope you can find a way through them all to a better place.

Casey Klahn said...

Here's the part where I send you well wishes and let you know I'm going to say prayers for you.

Sonya Johnson said...

Yeesh...those are a LOT of things to be dealing with all at once :(! No wonder you have no energy or enthusiasm for painting.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that there is some good outcome in the near future beyond these current rough seas you are in.

I really like this latest painting - seems apropos to the post content.

Viviane said...

...sending all my "positive energy-filled" thoughts your way, and may this rocky road lead to smooth sandy beaches ahead.

"When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on." ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

Leecia Price said...

I read your blog almost daily and feel a kinship with you because of your love of animals and art. I send you the warmest and most positive of wishes.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Oh hon, you are having a rough time... I'm glad that you know that you can count on your blogger buddies for support. Huge cyber hugs to you and a special tickle behind the ears for Jazz. I'll be thinking of you.

Caroline said...

I hope you got my email Jala, thinking of you and very warm wishes to you.

Laurel Daniel said...

I am so sorry to hear about this rough patch and hope it smooths out soon. You are so creative and multi-talented, and those attributes will help see you through. With love and prayers in Texas...

Joanne said...

Hi Jala,
I hardly know where to begin with a are coping with a huge amount of stress and energy drain right now. And pain. I wish there were a way I could help you - like with your studio, for example! If there were something I could do for you, email me. For now, know that my heart is with you, and I'm cheering you on. Really cheering. Hard. (((hug)))

cohen labelle said...

HI Jala:
I love your art and your writing and I'm saddened to hear that you are going through some issues or 'mishigas' as they say. Some say that no experience goes wasted - I keep my fingers crossed that you will sort this all out soon - and in the meantime I'm hoping that you will find a way to continue doing what you love!
Beautiful pastels!


Dar Presto said...

Jala, I'm sorry for your troubles. So many layers of complication and uncertainty. You are a good and conscientious person, and very strong. And while I want to offer encouragement, I will also stomp my foot and say, "Crap! This stinks!"

I wish the best for you and for your husband, as you find your way. And may dear Jazz be comfortable and enjoy the affection of family.

suzanneberry said...

jala, i am so very sorry to hear this! i'm writing you an email right now!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Jala, I'm so sorry to hear of all those stresses! WHO could worry about posting when your life feels like you're in a storm-tossed boat!

And here... I'm sending you a warm, long, (((hug))) to lean into and breathe from. The only thing we can count on is change, and I hope all the change for you from now on is for the better.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jala,

I've been on vacation and am just catching up on the blogs.

I'm very sorry to hear about the troubles in your marriage. Since I have no advice, I will just say that I will be thinking about you and hoping that things will work out for you. I don't know how long you've been married and I do know financial issues can really take their toll.

Good luck.