Friday, July 15, 2011

Fennec's sleeping positions

Fennec sleeps in the most hilarious, absurd positions. It makes me remember that Rumi used to have oddball sleeping positions too, but nowadays he seems to sleep in a pretty normal position. I wonder if Fennec will change when he gets older, too. I hope not--I love finding him in these positions, belly up.

He also makes the most awesome, funny noises, these loud sort of vocalized sighs while he's asleep, and the annoyed grunts have only gotten more pronounced and crack me up. He's a really fun little crazy guy to have around.

So Lynxie went to the vet for his annual checkup (he's two years old now). I knew I was going to get the overweight-cat lecture. Sure enough. Of course that lecture has to be given, but it still makes me feel ashamed, like I'm a bad animolecule guardian. 

The amazing part is that we were all (even the vet, when she pulled him out of his carrier) betting he was going to weigh in at about 20 pounds. Instead, he's only 16 pounds! I was really surprised. He looks and feels much heavier than that. I thought that was pretty great, and maybe I'd be spared the lecture after all. But no. Apparently he should weigh about 14 pounds based on his general large frame. So he is technically obese, poor guy. 

The vet gave me a few suggestions to try to keep him at or below his current weight to try to prevent diabetes, but I know it's going to be tough, because with six cats all eating the same thing and only one of them overweight... I think his getting more exercise will be the only thing we can do. We need to try to play with him when he's alone (or relatively alone). Because he's very passive and at the bottom of the pecking order amongst all the cats, if there's playing going on, he just watches from a distance. If none of the others are around, though, he will play.


And now, about little Fennec's growth rate: it's insane. We got him about a month ago or so (I'm too lazy to look it up right now), at 2 pounds. Kittens (conveniently) add precisely one pound a month as they grow up. Fennec weighed in at 4.2 pounds. The vet is astonished. So am I. He already looks like a 5- or 6-month old "catten" (and he's definitely much younger than that, based on his teeth). At this rate, he's going to be freakin' enormous. And we might have the Lynxie-type weight problem, too, since Fennec loves food. So stay tuned for future news about my gargantuan kitties.

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ELFI said...

EXTRAORDINAIRE! à faire un poster!

Maggie Latham said...

Wow, Jala, you must be feeding them super kitty food (lol)! The little guy is so cute and sooo happy. Maybe you could set aside a certain time of the day everyday for play with the big one…maybe in a different room? Cats love their habits and routines, so he’ll probably really get into one on one time with you.
My eight year old lays next to me at night while I’m tucked up in bed (she’s on top of her favourite soft blanket on my side over the duvet (!!) and lays like your little one on her back - front and back legs stretched out and she stretches out the full length of my hip and thigh! Sometimes she has her tummy up against my hip/leg and clings on with her paws like a monkey. I often wonder what an overhead view would look like…my husband, me and the cat all in a row together! Cats are just wonderful, aren’t they? I can only imagine your crew at dinnertime!
Sorry I have not commented much on your blog lately…I really like your new abstract pastels. The colours are sublime.

Sonya Johnson said...

When I saw the thumbnail photo, I thought it was a new painting!

Cats have a unique way to combine the absurd and hilarious into one; it happens around here all the time.

SamArtDog said...

Great pictures of Fennec stetched out and growing a gut. I feel bad for Lynxie who doesn't have anything else to do but grow his.

Viviane said...

If you take the third picture of Fennec and turn it 180 degrees, you have a Fennec practicing the "En Pointe" ballet position.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

This is a kitty who knows his way with laying around. What a character! And growing up too fast. It's great that you're enjoying the moments of his smallness. Soon to be over at this rate! The husband isn't sneaking extra treats to some of the guys, is he?

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Oh I LOVE the photos of sleeping Fennec. The little feet stickin' up.
So sweet.
One of my girl's is also a huge cat. Her feet and her eyes were oversized right from the start. She's grown into them now but again I have one cat who eats to live and one who lives to eat. SO, it's policing the food all over again :(