Friday, April 29, 2011

Untitled 99

Pastel on PastelMat, approx. 3.5" x 4".


Thanks, everyone, for your recent comments. It's always exciting to move in a new direction. Loriann asked about whether I'm using an underpainting, so I thought I'd describe my process for these.

I take the new PastelMat or UArt paper, rub a random pastel color all over it, then rub that in. Then I usually put on one or two more layers. At that point, I'll either take some of the pastel back off (with a dry oil-painting brush), and/or spray with Spectra-Fix. I continue this add/subtract/occasional spray process for many layers, sometimes at times even removing virtually all the pastel I've previously put down ("wasting" lots of pastel, yes)...until that magic moment when the painting suddenly feels right. 

I never use any fixative on the final layer, as I feel it kills the freshness. In fact, until this newest style of paintings, I never use any fixative whatsoever. I've noticed, in doing these new ones, that as a final layer, the intentionally created contrast of fresh pastel over sprayed pastel can be a great effect.



In India.

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Manel said...

This series is very good. This one, particularly.

Casey Klahn said...

The destroying of the image, and then the rebuilding of another is a great pastel technique. You are doing great!

Love the red line, and the subtle colors. !!!!!!

Pastelmat and Uart are completely different surfaces to me. Are you able to abuse them more - is that why they are the two you like for this?

Leecia Price said...

Thanks for sharing your process Jala. It really makes me want to see one of your works in person. Hopefully someday I will.

SamArtDog said...

Interesting process. I thought you'd never use fix, but tools is tools, and I like how it works here. Nice blush at the top.

Trees are blooming, so of course expect snow.

Ninni said...

Interesting to read about how you make your paintings.
Wonderful colours and I really like that red line :)

Caroline said...

Jala, this is a beauty very fresh and spring like, the colours are a joy. Love the cuddly cats!

Jala Pfaff said...

Thank you, Manel. More to come.

Thanks, Casey, glad you're enjoying the colors. More subtle colors--as well as, of course, vibrant pure ones--to come. Yes, I do like them both because they both take a lot of abuse. I think I prefer PastelMat for these in general, but I had some UArt and find it works almost as well for these. It maybe doesn't hold as much, though. As for the UArt, the one thing that it does particularly well is occasionally I can get an incredibly vibrant effect; the PastelMat normally gives a softer, more subdued effect.

Thanks, Leecia, and I hope you will, too!

Ninni - Thanks much. And it took courage to put that little line in, but I was glad I took the risk, because I think it really finished the painting.

Caroline - Thanks. Very spring-y, indeed. Soft and breezy. My kitties kill me with cuteness, too.

loriann said...

Sounds like a process of discovery and creativity!
Thanks for explaining your process. An exciting series!