Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Untitled 23 (oil)

10" x 30". Oil and cold wax.


The Husband hates cheese. He tells everyone this, and makes sure to get his pizza cheese-less, and makes a face when someone tells him that a dish he's considering ordering in a restaurant includes cheese. And yet, I sometimes see him eat cheese--voluntarily. Yesterday we went grocery shopping and I got some Brie (an indulgence I try to keep to some kind of reasonable minimum, cheese lover that I am). The Husband put away all the groceries and a little while later I decided it was time for me to break out the Brie and enjoy some. I was worried when I saw that the plastic wrap was ripped at the tip of the cheese wedge (thinking, yuck, that went through the cashier line and everything? that's gonna have a few germs). Then I looked more closely at the tip: yes, those were human teeth marks. And they weren't mine. And they weren't there half an hour before, in the store. And only two humans live in this house (both of whom possess teeth). Therefore...

And this is exactly how I found it in the refrigerator. Not even wrapped back up or anything.

I read recently that in some personal morality/ethics studies, it was found that women had their own personal ethics firmly held regardless of situation, and that men's depended most upon whether or not they knew they were being observed.

I'm just sayin'.

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Casey Klahn said...

Busted at the Brie!

Check the milk carton, too.

Sonya Johnson said...

Re: the cheese [photos and story] - hahaha! I also think it is a Y-chromosome thing that accounts for not returning things to their pre-used state and location (ie, wrapped and back in the location found), because it is definitely not just Your Husband who does this ;).

If you can find it, and haven't had it, get some French D'affinois....that is one of my absolute favorite cheeses! Makes regular Brie seem bland by comparison.

The painting looks like it has silver in it, but I'm guessing that the effect of the cold wax? I like all textural lines and the pinkish gray :).

SamArtDog said...

This is hilarious! Who moved your cheese?! No doubt someone untroubled by any pesky personal ethics, tightly-held or otherwise. Quick! Cast a dental mold! It'll at least eliminate Rumi's weird teeth.

P.S. Love the chilly cold wax on this hellaciously-hot day!

loriann said...

I love, love your cheese story. I read it to my husband.
Love the painting too, cold wax? How about a close up so that we can see that juicy texture?

Lisa said...

So it's not just 'mine' that does that....(rolls eyes)

Can I add another request for close-ups please? I love this new work.

Bonnie Luria said...

Publicly outed! And even though that cheese went perfectly with that Apple, the only thing missing is the whine.
You'll likely get lots of comments on this topic.
"I read recently that in some personal morality/ethics studies, it was found that women had their own personal ethics firmly held regardless of situation, and that men's depended most upon whether or not they knew they were being observed."
Much like kids, I would say.
I have one at home just the same.
This post made me laugh in recognition and the realization that thy neighbors' husband is not greener on the other side of the fence!

Rumi and Lemon are beyond adorable- I want to rent your Papasan chair and view the spectacle that is your living room, first hand.

Is there a connection to the process of batik and painting with cold wax?

Becky Joy said...

Good story. Love the cold wax paintings. Nice pattern.

Cynnie said...

All I can say is BOOK HIM!!! funny story....
Love the kitty kat foto....and yeah, the art isn´t toooo bad either.........
Cynthia Schelzig

Jala Pfaff said...

Casey - We don't drink milk, otherwise I definitely would check it.

Hi Sonya - I looked up that cheese on the sounds like it's not physically or chemically possible to get any more fat into a cheese than that...probably why it's so delicious. I'll definitely try it sometime.
I think it's totally true, it's a Y thing.
No silver in the painting...must be the wax effect. You were very accurate in noting the color, though--pinkish gray for sure.

Hi Sam - Wasn't it hotter than hell yesterday? I almost passed out from it.
I was going to title the post "Who Gnawed My Cheese?" but didn't want to give it away so quickly. Too late for the dental mold--the cheese (with its own natural mold) has been eaten already.

Loriann - What did your husband have to say? Surely he's better behaved than mine...?

Hi Lisa - Your wish is my command.

Bonnie - Perhaps I should start charging for ringside seats near the papasan. Or maybe it's time to set up a Rumi cam?
When you said that about kids, it made me realize immediately that it's also true of dogs!! Husbands, kids, and dogs--they all behave that way. The world would be in shambles without women., I wouldn't say there's any connection, nor even any similarity in the process, other than the fact that both use wax in some form.

Becky - Thank you.

Hi Cynnie, thanks much.

Nancy B. Hartley said...

Jala, Love the abstracts, and love the choke hold Miss Lemon has on Rumi.Very cute!

r garriott said...

Too funny...!!! (the cheese).

susan hong-sammons said...

(love your cheese story. too funny)
It's been great to catch up on your art. I love the minimalistic approach.
Have a great time in India, even if it is a business trip.