Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Heart is a Multi-Chambered Organism, or, The Origin of Species

Hard to photograph these in terms of making them look accurate inre red vs. orange tint. These are a bit more red (less orange) in person.

When you can't decide between two titles for a painting, you use both. Or at least that's what I do.

This is a 3-panel oil + cold wax work, which at some point I will bolt together permanently. This is my first multi-panel work; I love how Rebecca Crowell works this way. (She also has the most amazing wall to hang her panels on and play with the arrangements of them--go look at her video and be highly jealous of that space.)

The three parts are shown below in the order and orientation in which they will appear, and then at the end I have a photo showing how they'll look all together. They're recently completed, so I have not yet removed the blue protective tape on the sides; they have natural wood sides.

The first panel is 12" x 9", second is 12" x 16", and third is same as the first (12" x 9"). Assembled, therefore, the work is 12" horizontal x 34" vertical.


I just don't understand how it can be comfortable to sleep like this...

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Stinson Fine Art said...

Jala, Whoa! That is bold and beautiful without being overwhelming. Nicely done.

Janelle Goodwin said...

I love the direction you're taking with your recent paintings. I think these panels, bolted together, will make quite a statement in any room. Like Caldwell says, the viewer is invited in to make their own associations. How magical is that!

Rebecca Crowell said...

Jala--I like the minimalism of this painting--the red color fields activated by just the right amount of mark-making.

suzanneberry said...

Wow Jala, I really wanted to hit the "buy now" button! I feel like that a lot when I visit. These are stunning. I always know I'm in love with something when I get goose bumps when viewing. Is it chilly in here?

I can relate to that position. Sometimes I'm sure a pouble will sleep himself right into unconsciousness or cut off his air supply. Great shots.

Thank you so much for your very kind comments on my work and himself. He's shy but I know he's thrilled with all the comments.

I haven't had time to keep up, but I hope everything's going well with the new venture.

Take good care.

Bonnie Luria said...

Sanguine. That's the word that popped into my head as I looked at these.
You've really brought your abstract skills to new heights with these.

I liked seeing Rebecca's process and the physicality of applying paint, covering paint, and moving it around.

Rumi is languid.
I must have discovered an affinity for words that include " gui ".
What a gui that Rumi is.

Sonya Johnson said...

I love the colors you chose for this series, Jala. Orange is such a strongl, vibrant color and you've handled it well with those subtle tonal changes throughout, as well as the blue-gray (on my monitor) focal points within each.

These totally make me want to run down to my studio and shake things up in my studio with bright colors and real abstracts :).

Rumi....cats are such contortionists. Nelson used to sleep like this when he was younger (I think), but now his positions are more mundane.

loriann said...

what amazing color Jala! that deep thud down in you heart color. wow!

SamArtDog said...

Is it just me, or is this orange? Or dark peach? Or red salmon? Why am I getting hungry? Must be because this is so yummy!

Lynne E. Windsor said...

Very nice Jala... I like these a lot.

Love what you are doing... this is how I want my water paintings to go, but will have to wait for those. It's hard having two personalities!!

I also really wish I could sleep like Rumi, I seem to only manage 5 hours a night these days... it's not enough!