Sunday, May 23, 2010


From a few months ago, when I was experimenting with the cross-hatching technique. I like how it looks but in general am too impatient to do it.

Mountain photo credit: The Husband.

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SamArtDog said...

The cross-hatching is okay but seems too indirect. I like your more immediate pastels. I like your oils, too, even though they're anything but immediate.

The photo of Mo and the cats is one of your best. All of those diagonal are a trip!

word v.--panes

Seems appropriate.

Jala Pfaff said...

Sam - Yeah, I think cross-hatching doesn't suit my personality.
Glad you like the photo. My critters.

Double "D" said...

I like the effect but I certainly understand
the tedium of cross hatching. Like Sam, I
like your more spontaneous paintings.

Ah, by the way "the husband" takes great photos.
Are the mountains part of the Rockies ... the Flat Irons which my wife's Uncle called the foot hills of the Rockies. They lived in Broomfield.

See ya,

Anonymous said...

Another impatient artist. How unusual.
( is there an emoticon to portray sarcasm...?)
It may not suit your personality but it still delivers your great sense of composition, color and texture.
I've been " Rumi-iss in commenting here ( visitors... ) but that Rumi is killing us all.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Well, I like it, but I LOVE your usual abstracts with your regular pastel work.
Is this one cat in/one cat out? Who's that out???

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi DD - Well, it is looking pretty unanimous that my other kind of abstract is more popular. Which is fine, because it's more fun to do, too. :)
The Husband indeed takes very good photos. He's also an artist (acrylic and encaustic), so he has the eye, though lately he's been busy with MBA school and work, and hasn't painted. Keeps taking photos, though. :)
The mountains in the last couple of pics are not in Boulder, they're farther into the Rockies somewhere (I don't go on these camping trips). But SamArtDog and I live literally at the base of the Flatirons.

Bonnie - Thank you. We really need an emoticon like that. Don't you love Rumi's little rabbit feet?

Hi Kelley - Yep, that's Rumi in (who has to stay in, because he's deaf and fearless--bad combination in terms of survival possibilites), and Miss Lemon out. She goes out pretty frequently but doesn't roam (she's kind of a wimp). Now, Cleo (all black) is our wild girl. She comes in only to eat--regardless of the weather. She started out pretty normal but has grown more and more wild with time. She has a very occasional sweet friendly moment, and I'm the only human she likes.