Sunday, April 19, 2009

Copying Sargent's The Artist in his Studio

1-hour study.

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Janelle Goodwin said...

Sounds like the weather in Colorado doesn't want to let up. I admire your Sargent work. You're the most multi-faceted artist I know.

Karen said...

Nice! I always look at how you do your edges in these head studies...and that they play up what's essential, and downplay what's not.

brian eppley said...

That's nice! Can we see the next hour? Seriously, I'd love to see the whole canvas covered.This is such a strong start and since it's a copy why not carry on? It is very effective as is but why not push the threshold and see what happens? In the end it's your vision.

r garriott said...

You never cease to amaze. All that in one hour, wow!

susan hong-sammons said...

Hi Jala, this is a really beautiful study. Sargent is one of my most favorites. I admire your brush strokes and lush paint.

Edward Burton said...

Another wonderful Sargent copy, Jala!

Kim Denise said...

This is an amazing study. I like the way only the head is finished. The skin tones are wonderful and you achieve great volume with just a few strokes. Great work!

Sorry to hear about the leaky roof. You folks in Colorado are way overdue for some good weather!!

Anonymous said...

One hour!
Wow- you paint with authority and certainty. You could add more, sure, but you've already achieved everything this portrait needs to convey.

I love the way you get skin tones.

LSaeta said...

Wow! You really are talented my dear. Can't wait to see more.

Gary Keimig said...

just discovered your blog. Wonderful work. You have really nailed your portraiture.
I worked in boulder out of college[art and biology]doing biological illustration for high school biology books. Learned a lot there but am amazed at the new atelliers that are now available for wanta be artists. I reccomend them to anyone asking where to go to for art training.
God bless and keep up the good work

artbyakiko said...

Great job! I love it.

Jala Pfaff said...

Janelle - Thanks. Our winter was so mild and now we're getting the typical (but still hard to take) pounding with snow that happens in our springtime here.

Karen - Thank you. I love the effects different edges can produce.

Brian E - You'd like to see the whole canvas covered? Great, I'll send it to you and you can finish it. Ha ha. I think I'm too lazy to complete it.

R - Thanks! Yeah, it went really fast.

Susan - Thank you. One of my favorites, too.

Edward - Thanks for looking!

Kim - Thanks and see my weather response to Janelle. :)

Bonnie - Thank you. For this one, because it was "just a study," I put out a bunch of earth colors and really just mixed them kind of haphazardly to match the values (not so perfectly the colors) of the photo.

Leslie - Thank you!

Gary - Thank you for visiting and your kind comments. I feel a long way from "nailing" portraiture, but I do love it, that's for sure.

Akiko - Thank you for looking.

L.Holm said...

This is gorgeous. Love love love the composition. Such a great study in low, close values.

Jala Pfaff said...

Thank you, Liz. I love it too. Wish I'd invented it. :)