Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jenny 2

The art school I attended for two years, Colorado Academy of Art, shut down unexpectedly this year, leaving those of us studying classical art technique rather SOL. Fortunately, one of our excellent teachers there, Michelle Philip, decided to start teaching again soon after the school's closing. If you're looking for great classical art classes in the Boulder area, take a look at her site, Classical Art Academy (listed in links). The only class I'm taking these days is one of hers, Alla Prima Portrait, once a week. It's known as the "adrenaline class"--you hardly get a chance to catch a breath or go to the restroom; you're mixing colors and applying them with tremendous haste. Only the observing cannot be hurried.

More art on my website: jalapfaff.com


bonnieluria said...

Welcome to blog land Jala. Found you through a serendipitous comment at On Painting. ( so funny they are ).
Your work, this piece especially is alive and so expressive. Very impressive and diverse.
Warning: this blogging thing is a potentially delirious affliction and one I wouldn't trade for anonymity ever again!

There's so much traded on these posts, it's a true marvel.
I look forward to watching where you take this.
You've got so many other interests, how to find the time...

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Bonnie,
Thanks so much for dropping by my new blog! It's so much fun to hear from a "total stranger" out of the blue. Yes, the Lisa and Bill Comedy Team really crack me up. Do you know them in person or just via art blog stuff? I only know their blog, not them personally. I have always hated the word "blog," too, by the way--for me it sounds like "blah" plus "brag." "Delirious affliction"--I love this phrase!! I know, how to find the time is the big question, always. Well, no--more like ONE of the big questions.

bonnieluria said...

Jala- I only know their blog and Bill is a hilarious terror.

Now you're on his radar so sadly,,, it's too late for you.

I've bookmarked your site ( ugh blog !) so I can find you easily.

Thanks for leaving your calling card under my door.
( sounds better than " comment on my blog "!)