Sunday, November 23, 2008

Husband's Interview Shoes

This piece, done a couple of months ago, has proved immensely, almost ridiculously popular. I've had no fewer than four requests for it...alas, it is no longer available. It went to a courageous young lady currently triumphing over cancer (hi, K!). I let her have it because a) it was her birthday [well, almost]; b) I knew it would have a loving adoptive home, and c) she'll [hopefully] tell everyone she knows what a great painter I am and to visit my website and new blog (hint, hint, K).

The title is really what these were. The husband (a.k.a. computer guru) came home from an interview where he was all decked out (he cleans up nice), immediately ripped off the tie and dress shirt, whipped off the fancy trousers (fun British word there), and kicked off the gorgeous shoes I'd chosen for him precisely for the event (the interview). I picked up the shoes just as they were and hustled them into the studio, turned a light on them, and voila.  It was one of the fastest and easiest paintings I've ever done...dunno why. But there you have it. The magic certainly doesn't happen that way most of the time.

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bonnieluria said...

Jala- these shoes just dance off the screen.
I love them and I can see why they'd be so popular.

Love the highlights and the greens and reds that work magically as black.

Hope it got him the job!

Jala Pfaff said...

Thanks, Bonnie! Yes, they did get him the job, in fact. I know, isn't it so cool how green and red = black? I love stuff like that in painting.