Sunday, September 28, 2014

Untitled 291 (oil pastel)

Untitled 291.  Oil pastel.  Approx. 5" x 3".   
Not sure why, but blogger changed this image to lighter than it should be--it's a little darker than this in person.
Purchase information: jala [at] jalapfaff [dot com]

And he doesn't even mind having his belly snorgled!

I find all cats very beautiful, but there's something about Gadjo's sleek, perfect body that just stuns me.

My photo + waterlogue app.

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Shelley Smart said...

Fun waterlogue! And beautiful kitties! Sleek IS beautiful! And snorgly is appealing!

Jala Pfaff said...

Thanks, Shelley!
Where are you at with your big move?

Shelley Smart said...

OMG, the move is Oct 9, and I am freaking out. To add to freak out mode, I had cataract surgery last Tuesday. It went very well, but still have to sort out my eye prescriptions as one is now corrected for distance with the new lens in my eyeball and not for reading, while the other is same old, same old. Reading is not easy just yet. I think they have to wait for the eye to adjust. Oh, well. But the house is FULL of boxes and everything is in turmoil. You know how that is. Sigh. But the good news is that our house is officially sold and the new place will close concurrent to this one. This is a HUGE good deal. Just want it over!! Hope you are well! PS Can't read the verification numbers at all! lol

Karin Goeppert and Kenneth Burns said...

Love the oilpastel and always the cats Of course.