Monday, September 10, 2012


Flux, oil and cold wax on museum panel, 16" x 16".
For purchase information, please email me: jala{at}jalapfaff{.com}.

Kitties always look so angelic and innocent while they're asleep...


What does this look like to you? Does it look like half a 25-year-old cactus was broken mercilessly overnight by three mischievous kitties? Yep, that's correct. 

And yet. And yet, I love them so. Everything's forgivable. 

Well, except maybe that time I painstakingly coaxed, over seven years, a very rare orchid to bloom, put it in a place the cats shouldn't have been able to reach, and the next day the cats severed the flower spike.

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Shelley Smart said...

Cats always like a challenge...especially plants way up high! Poor cactus. Poor orchid.

Are you doing well? We got moved but I don't think we'll ever be settled... I like your cold wax paintings. A year or so ago I bought wax and all that entails to attempt encaustic. It all patiently waits upon me in its storage box. Optimistically, I think where we live now will be a better place to work on something that should best be worked on outdoors. You will inspire me.

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Shelley - Yes, and my cats are particularly mischievous. Well, Fennec not nearly as much as the other two!
I still am bummed about that orchid, even though it was a few years ago now. I still can picture it.
I am doing OK. Mostly dealing with a lot of fatigue and I'm also not settled/unpacked completely. The studio is a pain size-wise and I still haven't figured out how to work in there properly without tripping over stuff every 2 minutes.
Your words and encouragement got me through my worst times. I would be honored if my work in any way inspires you.
Will also love to see your encaustics when you start! Encaustic definitely entails some cost investment and some bravery. I tried it once and it was a bit overwhelming for me. Though the thing you can do w/encaustic but can't do with cold wax is embed things (leaves, papers, etc.) in the painting, which I wish could be done w/cold wax. It's the only drawback for me about choosing to work with the cold wax rather than encaustic.

Shelley Smart said...

Settled? I am so far from settled, it's not funny. And we moved two months ago! My studio room is like 10 feet square (which I think is rather small) and I literally cannot walk in there! I of course have left sorting that room for last... I was so excited to try encaustic back when and maybe I'll make that my first art project in our new house!

I am happy if I have helped you in any way! I dearly love animals and art and always look forward to seeing both on your blog! Hang in there!

Jala Pfaff said...

I moved three months ago (?) and have yet to sort the studio properly, nor my bedroom closet at all.
My new "studio" aka bedroom is also 100 sq.ft., and I certainly consider that too damn small!
Thanks for continuing to read. :)

Sheila Vaughan said...

"Flux" has the same "feel" as the Swiss cheese image - cool and not quite regular, so subtle.. the painting is more beautiful though than the cheese!

ArtPropelled said...

Flux stopped me in my tracks. Very nice!! Catching up on your news and so sorry about all the big changes in your life. I hope everything works out for the best soon. Glad Rumi is looking so much better than a month ago.