Sunday, June 10, 2012

Untitled 41 (oil and cold wax)

Oil and cold wax on museum panel, 24" x 24".

Art purchase inquiries: please email me: jala [at] jalapfaff [dot com].

Taking a break from packing to post one of the only two pieces I've done in these last difficult couple of months. So, showing you this one and I will try to post the second one too, before I move this weekend. I have felt guilty having no art on my blog for a while now.

These oil and cold wax pieces are a little hard to photograph; because of the wax layers, the paintings actually look slightly different at different angles.

I'm at that point in packing where you just stand and stare in a daze, shaking your head at the impossibility, at everything that still has to be done. 

...Especially when it comes to the 400 sq.-ft. art studio. I haven't even made a small dent in there as yet. I honestly still don't know how I'll even begin packing all that up. I do know that I will have to move all the actual art myself. I hired two movers to do stuff like the sofa and bed, but I can't afford to pay the prices that "art movers" would require, so I'll be making lots of trips over the weekend in my car to move canvases, panels, and framed and unframed paintings.

Today I bought a tarp which will be the first thing into the new apartment on Friday, to cover the floor of the bedroom of what will become my (small!) art studio. 

Things are still feeling hard but I'm just trying to stay afloat, kissing kitties, and trolling for more boxes every day.

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Patrice said...

I would always visit your blog for the kitties - even if you didn't make great art.

But I wanted to say a bit about migraines. I suffered terribly from them for several years when I lived in Philadelphia - and was trapped in a hopeless job and marriage. I tried everything, but usually I just had to sleep them off - and we're talkin' 12 - 36 hours of sleep/bed. Now I know one of the problems was sleep deprivation.

Here is one totally free treatment someone told me about:

During migraines, I often suffered from cold extremities, likely due to being so still. Try turning on the tap as hot as you think you can bear (but don't test it with your hands) - then plunge your hands into the water. This generates a shiver/vaso dilation response that can bring much relief. It doesn't always work and must be repeated at intervals, but it feels great and can do no harm. It also works for sinus or cluster headaches.

I've been divorced, had to move, thought there was no hope at times, but here I am. One of the things that was terrible to live with was the guilt of parting with my horses way back then. Thirty years later I still ache for them - and try to make amends by keeping the gate open for charity horses, kitties and other strays. We each must follow our hearts.

I send you the best thoughts and wishes and hope things get better for you.

Keep all your options open!!

Shelley Smart said...

Love the color on your painting! Yum! Someday I'd like to try cold wax or even get out the hot wax that I bought many months ago. Maybe when we get moved (we are slowly renovating a fixer back in town where we used to live). Someday soon our place here at the beach will sell, I hope. The thought of packing invokes a bit of terror. I've already have moved all my art and supplies to our new home where I will have a small bedroom for a studio. And that is a step up for me, having a actual dedicated space.

Good luck on the moving. I focus on new beginnings, new experiences to keep me going. But the process is a pain in the butt!!

Double "D" said...

I wish I was there to help you through the move and difficult times. Be safe dear friend, I'll be thinking about you.