Sunday, January 8, 2012

Untitled 202

Pastel on UArt, approx. 4" x 5".

Art purchase inquiries: please email me: jala [at] jalapfaff [dot com].
Still looking for a place to live and do art. Dealing with a lot of insomnia and increased frequency of migraines.

Also now dealing with a yucky recurring plumbing problem in the house which the other day decided to reappear with a vengeance. Can no longer use the downstairs toilet at all, and it's a tricky and nasty business to take a shower (because it doesn't want to drain, and because water and gross stuff comes up from underground too). Lately I'm showering by balancing on a small pile of bricks I placed in the shower stall (which puts your head too high for the water coming out, so then you're balanced on bricks under your feet, while practicing mild contortionism trying to bend your head down below the water spout...).

Of all the kitty combinations witnessed around here, this pair is by far the most common. They are truly inseparable best friends.

I'm still worried about Rumi. It's getting close to the time (another week or two, I believe) to bring him back to the vet to reweigh him. He looks to me like he may have lost even more weight. Maybe he'll have held steady, which would of course be preferable to continuing to lose. But from the looks of him, I'd say he probably hasn't gained any weight. After reweighing him, if he has lost more weight, then I think the next step is blood tests. My best guess would be hyperthyroid, but it seems to be kind of unheard of in a young cat.

Gadjo's FHS has been noticeable but not out of control--it seems to happen maybe a couple of times a day, but each episode is fairly brief.


In India.

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Shelley Smart said...

Hi, Jala, the plumbing issue seems to sound like one I once had. The outdoor sewer line was blocked by tree roots (or whatever). First thing is check with city, then from the house to the street would be your problem - wait, it's not your house, right? - unfortunately. Good luck with that. The two cats together are adorable. Oh, to have such a good friend. I hope Rumi hasn't lost weight. My dog is on thyroid meds and so is my daughter's (older) cat. It's an easy fix. Take care!

helen said...

Wonderful images - all of them!