Saturday, November 5, 2011

Untitled 178

Pastel on UArt, approx. 5" x 6".
 Who's becoming a big, sprawling kind of boy?

A little back feet stretch. I love their little prong toes:


This photo is actually from last year. But it's already looking a lot like that out there.

More art on my website:


Sheila Vaughan said...

Hi Jala, hope you are doing ok brave girl. Life is a b****r sometimes. You know the great thing about these fascinating little Rothko's of yours is that with many of them I just want to pick up a pastel and carry on working them like a continuous thread, making them mine and not yours. I think they are quite beautiful.
ps. I like the prong toes too.

suzanneberry said...

hi jala! love this, great colors. love the photos as always. hope you are doing well and i hope you friend makes a full recovery.

Dawn in D.C. said...

Hi Jala!
I don't know from art, but I adore your kitties! Especially the long ginger one. :)

Just stopping by from Pie on the Face.
Nice to meet you!