Monday, July 19, 2010

Untitled 20 (oil)

This third one has a bit of a peachy-gray color in it. I think they're not meant to be a triptych in the sense of lined up right next to each other. But I do think they'd look great in the same room, on various walls.

I'd put them in my beach house--if I had one.


Rumi's favorite place is always in the middle of any activity. He has no self-preservation instincts. We had to teach Mojito (left side of photo) that it was okay for this insane little white creature to come running up to check out his food bowl in the middle of his dinner...or to sprawl out next to his bowl and watch the show as food goes from bowl to (slobbery) dog mouth. It was a bit terrifying when Rumi was really little, especially since Rumi can't hear a warning growl. Mojito's fine with it now; he seems pretty much resigned to how nutty Rumi is. (Jazz has always been too mellow to be even the slightest bit bothered by anything like this.)

Oh, the little crossed paws! They kill me.

In Munnar.

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Caroline said...

I love your blue series of abstract paintings Jala.

Sandra Galda said...

love the peaceful soft color movements in these abstracts. the photo is gorgeous and the pet photos and updates supurb!

SamArtDog said...

I think this is the best of the 3 blue paintings.

I'm nuts for the abstraction of the photo.

Rumi is a nut, period.

P.S. When are you going to tell us about the biggest skunk in all of Northern Colorado emptying his tanks on Miss Lemmon, your front door, your deck, the dogs, and the whole neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

I love these blue squares, soft and ethereal. This last one perhaps has the most "substance", probably because of the peachy tones... Sounds like you have a skunk story to tell. Those are so much fun (for the rest of us who are far away!).

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Sam - Can you still smell the skunk from across the street? I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

Hi Donald - Thank you. I think with this degree of abstract minimalism, I'm losing a lot of people. But, we must do what we must! Musn't we?!
Are there skunks in your island paradise?

loriann said...

Love this "cloud series" What a wonderful ethereal feeling. You are really finding something with this exploration. Are you using the cold wax at all?

suzanneberry said...

ooo, the peach and blue, subtle, beautiful. another perfect painting. and the pix of rumi hangin round the buffet is priceless!!!