Monday, June 21, 2010

Untitled 54

I'm alive! know, in case you were wondering. Have been going crazy with no computer for a week. You realize that almost everything you do in daily life requires a (working) computer. Have had non-stop technological difficulties. And in the end, the Apple store said they can't find anything wrong. Grrr. Will have to go back yet again to yell at them. It seems that when the battery is in the computer, the computer starts getting hot, loud, and slow.

Kind of the way I feel when it's humid, which it has been quite a bit lately.

I think I may have posted this pastel long ago but can't seem to find it nor its title. In other words, it's an older one. Have been having an insane life lately (in the early stages of launching a business with The Husband--more on that as we get farther along) and no time to paint (though I did manage to get my guitar out twice, for the first time in years). So, am off to the studio now, as soon as I click "Publish."

Have you missed Rumi?

In India.

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Caroline said...

Beautiful painting Jala, it would look wonderful in a very large size and in oils.

loriann said...

welcome back Jala! I missed you and Rumi. Isn't amazing how reliant we are on our "machines?" I wonder what this new business venture is????.

Ann Gorbett said...

Computer issues are a pain. We depend on them so much these days. Lovely painting you resurfaced for us to see. And of course I always have to click to see what silly Rumi is up to. Crazy contorted cat. He gets me every time with his cuteness.

Sonya Johnson said...

Glad to know everything's okay (other than the computer...that's no fun) - I was definitely wondering what was up. I thought maybe you were on a fun vacation or something.

Love the painting; reminds me of a winter night where the inviting glow of a distal town can be seen.

Did we miss Rumi? What kind of question is that? ;)

Anonymous said...

More spectacular color! It's beautiful...
Your "hot, loud and slow" comment made me laugh! Hope you get that fixed!

SamArtDog said...

Hot, loud and slow. Har har har.

Hope The Husband gets a chance to talk to The Husband. Good they should fill each other's ears.

Irina said...

I am glad you are back with this (young or old, it does not mater) wonderful pastel. And I missed Rumi so much.

Sandra Galda said...

missed you and Rumi! I sure enjoy viewing your artwork! Good luck with your computer and new business!

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Caroline, thank you. It might look good that way, but alas, I am unable to repeat myself artistically, much as I sometimes would like to.

Hi Loriann, thank you, I've really missed you, all my blogging buddies... It's so hard dealing with technology crashes. The business is still in formative stages, but I will tell about it on my blog bit by bit. It's going to be a sustainable lifestyle company, using natural dyes on natural textiles.

Hi Ann, thank you and thank you for always popping in to see what Crazy Rumi is up to.

Hi Sonya - No vacation, just a kill-the-gremlins mission. Rumi missed you too.

Hi Donald - thank you. I'm no fun to be around in humidity. ;)

Hola Sam - The Husbands talking...scary.

Hi Irina, thank you! Rumi says hi.

Hi Sandra, thanks. Perhaps I should rename this Rumi's Blog. :)