Friday, December 19, 2008

What Might Have Been

I'm in Mexico right now (yay! I have temporarily escaped the frigid weather and snow of Colorado!) but I haven't painted yet (I plan to do something tonight after I "borrow" some turps and old newspapers and whatnot), so I thought I'd post a drawing I did in the spring. It was our second-year project at art school. The same model came for six sessions in the same pose. This is a pretty big drawing, a full Canson sheet.

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bonnieluria said...

What a beautiful, wistful portrait.
Your drawings really show such a fine eye.
I especially like how you caught the candle glow in the upper portion of the drawing.

Jala Pfaff said...

Thank you, Bonnie. I was pleased with how this turned out. This was one I knew was going to work as soon as I put down the first long strokes blocking out the figure. I find it interesting how, often, one can just "feel" that something's going to work, at a very early stage.